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Antislip, Skid-free, Luminous Stairnosing and Safety Traction Tape

Aluminum edging designed to a safe anti-slip surface with a high contrast for visibility.

Transforms the unsafe areas on steps and floors into a safe non-slip and high contrast area under all conditions.

Can be applied to most surfaces, instantly providing an anti-slip surface which is ready to walk on.

Noslip is a distributor and installer of fibregrip high quality anti-skid non-slip products based in the South Peninsula, Cape Town.

NoSlip supplies and installs a variety of ant-skid products, from aluminium stairnosing products to the unique Fibregrip, anti-skid systems. These durable and cost effective products have been manufactured by our partner, Davtec since 2001. The Davtec range includes FibreGrip Anti-Skid Stair Nosings, Aluminium Edging as well as a range of Non-Slip products available in standard and custom sizes and colours. Any size and colour non-skid product can be manufactured for your specific requirements.

Various stair nosing and grip tape options are a available to suit your specific requirements. High quality photo luminescent material, "LumiGlo"  is incorporated into the our products.

LumiGlo is completely safe, non-toxic and radiation free which can glow for 12 hours with just 30 minutes charge time.  This provides stair users to identify steps at night, during power outages and other low-lighting situations.

About our Products

NoSlip FibreGrip Anti-Slip products consist of non-slip FibreGrip stair nosing, stair treads and flat sheets and strips with the option of a fine and a rough grit. The FibreGrip, fibreglass units are available in standard black, however, it can be manufactured in any color by changing the pigment to a selected color.

LumiGlo photo luminescent tape, can be installed in areas where there is low visibility. Especially during dark hours or in the case of power failures. This however is only possible if a sufficient light source i.e. sunlight, incandescent light or florescent light etc, have been charging the LumiGlo tape for a reasonable amount of time. (30 minutes of sunlight equates to a full charge).

No Slip has a range of non-slip tapes with a peel and stick backing for easy installation. The FibreGrip Safety Traction Tape (STT) is available in black and chevron (black/yellow). Aluminum Stair Edging is adde to cater for mainly the corporate, commercial environment where ant-slip properties as well as aesthetics are of importance. The FibreGrip Aluminum Stair Edging is available in a single unit with one non-slip insert, and a double unit with two non-slip inserts. The LumiGlo tape can be added to both aluminium stair edgings.

Contact us today for a free quotation and advice.  No job is too big or too small for NoSlip FibreGrip Anti-Skid product suppliers and installers.

Stair nosing not only can increase the traction on the steps, it offers protection to them and can improve the appearance of stairs with damaged edges. Ramps and slopes also pose significant slip hazards as floor covering which provides adequate traction on level walkways may be inadequate on sloped surfaces. Traction tapes and custom manufactured non-slip pads can offer the higher coefficient of friction necessary to nullify the effects of the slope.