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FibreGrip Non-Slip products are designed to transform the unsafe areas on steps and floors into a safe non-slip and high contrast area under all conditions. FibreGrip non-slip products can be installed using basic fastening systems. All aspects of the product are manufactured in a monolithic structure, that will not de-laminate, as in the case of paint coated steel base systems due to thermal movement.


FibreGrip Aluminum Stair Edging is a full body aluminum edging designed to a safe anti-slip surface with a high contrast for visibility. It is ideal for industrial and commercial applications where there is a high demand for safety and aesthetics. FibreGrip Aluminum Stair Edging can be used indoors or outside. It is strong enough industrial use and attractive enough for commercial or corporate use.

Safety Traction Tape

FibreGrip Safety Traction Tape (STT) is manufactured to the highest quality using the latest production methods.  This results in consistency of quality throughout. FibreGrip STT consist of 60 grit aluminum oxide granules bonded to a PVC base with a  high tac self adhesive coating applied to it. FibreGrip STT can be applied to most surfaces, instantly providing an anti-slip surface which is ready to walk on

Fibregrip stair nosing


100mm (width) 25mm (high) 20# grit (rough) / 60# grit (fine)


100mm (width) 25mm (high) 20# grit (rough) / 60# grit (fine) with LumiGlo insert

FibreGrip stair tread


250mm (width) 20# grit (rough) / 60# grit (fine)


250mm (width) 20# grit (rough) / 60# grit (fine) with LumiGlo insert

Safety Traction Non-Slip Tape 18mx50mm


Black 18.3meter x 50mm


Black/Yellow 18.3meter x 50mm

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Clear Resilient PVC 18.3meter x 50mm

R1600 per 10

Watch Your Step Dacal 150mm x 600mm

R1600 per 10

Caution Decal 150mm x 600mm

R1495 ea

Black Aluminium backed Conformable 18.3meter x 50mm


FibreGrip flat sheet 1200 x 2450mm


Suitable for floors, ramps to improve traction. Available in custom colours and sizes

Aluminium single stair edge


48mm (width) x 25mm (height) with Safety Traction Tape insert


48mm (width) x 25mm (height) with Safety Traction Tape insert with 1x5mm LumiGlo inserts

Aluminium double stair edge


88mm (width) x 25mm (height) with Safety Traction Tape insert


88mm (width) x 25mm (height) with Safety Traction Tape insert with 2x5mm LumiGlo inserts


88mm (width) x 25mm (height) with Safety Traction Tape insert with 3x5mm LumiGlo inserts