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Non-Slip Stair Nosing FibreGrip 2250mm x 100mm x 25mm with 20# grit (rough)

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Fibre Glass Stair Nosing

FibreGrip non-slip products can be installed using basic fastening systems. All aspects of the product are manufactured in a monolithic structure, that will not de-laminate, as in the case of paint coated steel base systems due to thermal movement.

  • Stair Nosing 2250mm x 100mm x 25mm
  • Colour: Black (std)
  • Grit: #20 (rough)
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Extremely Durable

Fibreglass Stair nosing

Additional information

Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions2250 × 110 × 35 mm


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